[PS3] Help getting online via CFW hardware BC PS3?

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[PS3] Help getting online via CFW hardware BC PS3?

Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:47 pm

so i've been working on this for 2 days now. trying to get MGO1 working online with my CFW backwards compatible PS3 (CECHE)

so far i've successfully applied the codebreaker codes using codebreaker v10. following the post below this line, i changed all the codes beginning with "C" to "D", this made all the codes work, and i can connect to the server menus without error
https://savemgo.com/forums-old/viewtopi ... t=15#p4330

here are my current problems:

when i try to join a game i get:
"Failed to connect to host: ( 1059 )"

when i try to host a game, some maps don't load like 'city under seige'
the maps that do load, the game crashes when i fire a gun. but there is also collision issues like when you push against a climbable platform (on my previous attempt trying to climb a platform on mountaintop crashed the game) and running through doorways, the game thinks i'm hitting a wall and can't pass through

i'm thinking maybe this is caused by using CB-v10 instead of the confirmed and recommended CB-v9.3. problem is, i can't find CB-v9.3 that isn't pre-patched for HDLoader, but i did verify that CB-v9.3 works on my PS3, i just can't launch MGS3 from the DVD like it should. if anybody has the ISO or ELF for CB-v9.3 it would be a huge help

Codebreaker v9.2 does not work
Gameshark v4 does not work
I haven't tried Coder yet
Results are the same when using legit DVD-ROM of MGS3S-disc2 and when using ISO

if anyone knows how to get MGO1 online via backwards compatible PS3, any help is appreciated

if we figure this out i'll gladly post a tutorial. now that PS3s are easily softmodded with less requirements than installing FMCB on a PS2, having a PS3 solution could greatly benefit the player population. so this should be a priority for those of us here for MGO1

also i'm using Rebug 4.82.2 from here
https://rebug.me/official-rebug-4-82-2- ... 16th-2018/
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Re: [PS3] Help getting online via CFW hardware BC PS3?

Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:46 am

people have gotten it working before, so it must be possible. it just needs to be documented and attached to the requirements sticky

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