[PCSX2] MGO1 Simple No Aroma Pack + Frequently Asked Questions & Error Codes

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[PCSX2] MGO1 Simple No Aroma Pack + Frequently Asked Questions & Error Codes

Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:52 am

Too bad, old accounts are deleted on this forum :shock:
But anyway, here goes!

Download Link (0.7)

Decryption key: !5E2xB6hHR_II4wmvRNABcByJf9NpvougCu_RaQiHYJo

Version: 0.7
Updated: 02/August/2017

What's this?
A small package with most things included making running Metal Gear Online 1 (an extension of Metal Gear Solid 3 included on Subsistence Disc 2: Persistence) as simple as ever.

What's included:
- CLR Dev9 Plugin (supports wifi)
- Ready Memory Card image (removing the need of Network Access Disc)
- DNAS bypass Patch/Cheat/PNACH for MGO1 (NTSC-U/USA)

What you need:
- PCSX2 Latest binary release
- Network Access Disc to setup DNS in network save (if you don't want to use the ready memory card image)
- Legal NTSC-U/USA (2.00) BIOS dump from your PS2
- MGS3 Subsistence - Disc 2 (Persistence) / MGO1 (NTSC-U/USA) ISO/DVD


-Extract PCSX2 Latest binary release
-Copy Cheats, cheats_ws, mem cards and plugins folder to your PCSX2 directory.


-Configure dev9 plugin to use CLR Dev9 (you might also want to install WinPcap and then use WinPcap bridged and set your IP manually by enabling DHCP in CLR Dev 9).
-Enable cheats in PCSX2 (File -> Enable Cheats).
-Config -> mem cards and insert MGO mem card image into whichever slot you want.
- You can use the provided MCD (memory card image) to skip setting up the connection, Unless the DNS IPs had changed, use the Network Access disc to setup a connection save data with the MGO1 DNS provided in http://snake.savemgo.com.
-Load up MGS3 Subsistence Disc 2 Persistence (MGO)
-Enter online mode;
Select first time if you don't have an account; third option if you already have an account from before.
If you get a UDP error you need to port forward but usually, this won't prevent you from joining games.

If you get any errors, please read the F.A.Q. !!

-Have fun!


#1 UDP Check failed, cannot create a game in the current network environment.

-It means you cannot create games but you can still join.
-If you want to create games and solve this issue, port forward to the port shown in network config of MGO (advance -> network config); usually 5730-5740

#2 I did everything above, I still get a UDP error
- Check #5

#3 Server login failed (816:100000001); possible causes:
- Your username is invalid or doesn't exist in the database.
- Your game region doesn't match the BIOS region.
- This could also possibly happen when using wrong/old pnach cheat file (happened for me), this package includes the latest one as of this time.

#4 How many accounts can I use?
- You may use 3 accounts per save.

#5 CLR Dev9 plugin gives me an error related to the socket when I try to connect
- Install Winpcap (download from here https://www.winpcap.org/)
- Make sure after installing WinCap to have the driver run on boot
- Then in PCSX2: Config -> Dev9 -> Plugin settings, use WinPcap Bridged as connection method and select your adapter (use "Wi-Fi - Microsoft" if you're using Wifi, Ethernet if you're using cable)
- The set the IP to your PC IP (your IPv4 Address, which you can find by typing ipconfig in cmd) and click apply, then apply again, all should work fine.

#6 I cannot even connect (I don't see the MGO terms and cant pass the UDP check or connection times out)
Make sure you have the latest CLR Dev9 Plugin (the one provided has been tested to work) - a friend had this issue due to using an old version.

#7 Failed to connect to host. (1059) | I got kicked from my game.
Maybe you configured while you were connected if you open any configurations the emulator pauses which interrupts the connection so you will need to host again.

Alternatively, if you are using Ethernet, you can try the old Gigaherz Dev9 plugin if CLR Dev9 doesn't work for you.

#8 I get slowdowns, the game runs slow for me, low FPS, etc...
* make sure the sliders in speed hacks are set to the normal settings EE/VU = 0 / Green
* This was tested on PCSX2 1.4.0 with no issues so far.
* if you're using a laptop or a PC with switchable graphics, force the PC to use the dedicated graphics cards instead of the integrated one from the AMD/Nvidia panel by adding an exception for PCSX2.exe - this usually gives a huge boost especially on laptops which decide how much 3d power an application uses to save the PC's power.
* do not add the 60 FPS patch unless your PC can handle it, the game usually works fine and fast without it for low-end PCs (I get stable 30 fps with Intel i3 and AMD R5 M330 - without the 60 fps patch)

#9 Can I use the keyboard to chat in the game instead of using a controller?
Yes but it'd work best when you use your controller/gamepad as the game's controller/pad input, you will have to select keyboard plugin (CLR_USB.dll) in Plugin Settings and all should work fine.

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