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New Players Guide

Fri Nov 06, 2020 12:58 am

How to play MGO2R(eborn) (A work in progress, please send feedback)


Appearance: Set up your appearance so that you're happy with it. Camouflage actually works in this game too, putting on a DPM Ghillie suit will fool people on FF (The forest map) though not 100% of the time. The cardboard box might increase your heads hitbox which isn't ideal, but if you want to play the game on hard mode then go ahead.

Skills: Assault Rifle 2 and Runner 2 are pretty standard for regular games. Some skills are kinda useless like Hawkeye or Meme-y like Instructor, but you'll have to tailor them to your playstyle and mode.
If you're brand new at the game and have never played MGO2 before, put on Surveyor 3, Runner 2 and Monomania 3, then find a team deathmatch game and use the shotgun with autoaim to kill your enemies
(It's kinda cheap to do this, but you're new so who cares). You're moreso trying to gain better map knowledge and get used to the controls than actually get good at the game at this point. If you aren't completely new, try AR2 and Runner 2.

Game Settings: Change the sensitivity of all viewing movement speeds to 10, or as high as you can while still being able to play effectively. You'll want them at 10 eventually either way. Enable the autoaim feature (You can turn it on or off in games that allow for it to be used with the square button)

Codec: Make sure that you have the "enemy sighted" codec equiped, as it is the most valuable codec in the game. If you're aiming a weapon and use this codec, a small exclamation mark will appear where you pointed for your teammates and a noise notification will play, letting them know where the enemy arre (Crucial info in RES and TSNE).
"Back back"/"No wait!" is another useful codec for prevented a teammate from putting themselves in a precarious situation (Perhaps you're both on a ladder and you know there's an enemy hiding in a box nearby, but they do not)

-Basic gameplay-

In order to play MGO2R at it's most effective in a basic game mode like Team Deathmatch, Base, etc, you need to be able to kill enemies as quickly as possible. One of the fastest methods of killing enemies is the headshot.
How to shoot (and actually hit things):

You cannot play this game like Call Of Duty, you NEED to be standing still while firing your gun. If you are moving around (With the left analog stick) it'll reduce your aim drastically and the only headshots you'll get are close range lucky shots. You CAN move without reducing your accuracy while firing by First Person "dancing" and crouching while standing. You're more accurate while crouching than standing, but the difference isn't anywhere near as bad as moving with L3. Switching between crouching and standing doesn't count as movement, you're just moving between different tiers of accuracy (If that makes sense).
Your recoil also increases the longer you hold down the R1 button, so short burst between box popping are key in firefights.

How to not get shot:

You can also shoot off 3-5 rounds while standing still (As mentioned above), then move and equip your cardboard box to quickly get into a crouching position.
This kind of movement moves your most important bodypart (Your head) away from where your enemy should be shooting at (Where your head previously was), very quickly. Tap X again while moving and you'll be back up in a standing position.
Repeat this movement quickly while using the left analog stick to move around and you'll make yourself much more difficult to headshot. And that is how you box pop.
They can still get you with bodyshots eventually though, so like, shoot back at them...

Movement general tips:
Your aim is better the closer you are to the ground but lying on the ground makes your very vulnerable. Crouching makes your slower to move, but harder to hit. Standing gives you the fastest movement, but the worst accuracy of the three stances.
Realistically, you'll be spending 99% of your games standing up so that is the best stance to practice with. As an aside from this, the animations in this game are plentiful (Climbing ladders, , rolling, helping teammates up ledges, getting on the "man-apults", hugging walls, etc) but they almost universally leave you very exposed.
Do not try any of these when in a firefight or you will lose unless they result in you getting your head behind cover. The forward roll also lags a little bit if you do the standing roll (Tapping X while running in any direction at speed). This is the easiest roll to get headshotted from because every character takes way too long to finish the animation and your head stays in roughly the same spot longe enough for enemies to line up headshots quite easily. So avoid using this roll as much as possible.
The side rolls (While holding R1 and either left or right on the left analog stick, tap X)do not suffer from this problem nearly as much and the forward roll to lying down position (Forward roll, but hold down X).
Your should also avoid standing straight back up from the ground. If you are lying on your front, crawl forward for a millisecond, then tap X to quickly scoop yourself up into a running crouch. If you're lying on your back, tap triangle to move onto your stomach and then perform the previosuly mention running crouch.

First Person Dancing: Hold L1, tap triangle and boom, first person mode with any weapon. You can crouch as you could with the over-the-shoulder. You can also use the D-pad's left and right buttons to lean your body (And head!) to either side when in a standing or crouched stance. You can made yourself extremely hard to headshoot by doing this, but cannot run with the left analog stick while in first person.

Throwing Grenades: Tap it once to pull the pin, then hold it down JUST before the animation ends to aim your grenade. Holding down L1 for the entirety of the enimation slows you down to First Person movement speed and makes you vulnerable.
Not holding down L1 for the full animation might make your less successptible to grenading yourself if you get hit while doing this, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Before throwing the grenade, you can decide you lob it (Hold down L1 lightly) or hold down L1 HARD TO THROW THAT FUCKER AS HARD AS YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN.
The first one lets you lob grenades (Smokes usually in TSNE) over objects more precisely, while the latter is best for distance. With Quarterback 3 the latter option can let you throw grenades almost into your enemies deployment zone (Eat your heart out Call Of Duty). Combine this with monomania and the SOP link on Ambush Alley and you'll be doing your team a great favour!

Weird things:

-Neck shots are what we call the times when you get headshot but your health just goes down to 1%. I have no idea if this is just lag or a legitimate mechanic.
-Grenade dance by equipping a grenade, holding L1 and rapidly tapping R3.
-You can be headshot through the shields eye slit.

Knifing guide: ... l=PhilDrew

GameFAQs skill guide: ... faqs/53300

Mic Tips courtesy of the rock dude: ... eRockdude9

To-do: Knife Cancelling, game etiquette, throw+knife+autoaim/1stperson, special characters, map knowledge, shield+toughness, drum, video demonstrations, lag, clipping BB with Mei Lings Missouri into the sneaking teams tunnel

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