Info and Requirements

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Info and Requirements

Tue May 17, 2016 3:05 pm


At the moment, MGO1 is still region-restricted. NTSC-U and NTSC-J players can play with each other, though there are some glitches that will occur. NTSC-U/J and PAL players cannot play with each other.

In addition, development on the server and game has slowed down.

Requirements and Getting Started

There are three ways you can play MGO1, by PS2 (recommended), by PS3, or by PC.


In order to play, you will need a Hardware Backwards-Compatible PS3. These are CECHAxx and CECHBxx PS3s. Software BC PS3s supposedly do not work.
In addition, you will need a cheat disk that will boot on the PS3. Codebreaker v9.3 is confirmed to work, however it can be expensive. Most cheat disks will not work, but feel free to try or ask.

Simply turn off the Auto-Eject feature on the PS3, then follow the cheat methods for the PS2.


In order to play, you will need a cheat disk, or a method to load homebrew.
If you do not already own a cheat disk or don't have a way to load homebrew, we suggest you buy a Coder 3.8 disk. Make sure that you buy the disk for your PS2's region!

If you decide to go through with the cheat method, then you will need to the original disk, or have proper tools to load backups.
If you decide to go through with the homebrew method, then you will need either the original disk, or a disk image of MGS3:S.
Note: If you have a SCPH-90000 or later, than you will not be able to install Free McBoot. You should still be able to load homebrew, however.

General Tutorial
PS2 Coder Video Tutorial

Free McBoot Information
Load Homebrew From Coder
Getting Online with Homebrew

More Video Tutorials


In order to play, first off, you will need a great (Windows) PC, as the game is very intensive in terms of processing and graphics with emulation.
You will need to download PCSX2, and have either the original disk, or a disk image of MGS3:S.
In addition to this, you will need to download additional plugins and will need to configure them properly.
You will need a lot of patience and will need to be somewhat computer-savvy.

PCSX2 Tutorial

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