On the Drama - Jun 29, 2018

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Re: On the Drama - Jun 29, 2018

Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:18 pm

zynapsss wrote:
Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:09 pm
Okay, i dont understand why you didnt ask me what happened tho. We sorted it out amongst ourselfs. Atleast allow me to explain myself. However, i failed to mention that me and niko solved the issue through dms.
ZYNAPSLast Saturday at 21:57
ty m8]
sry for tking
NikosLast Saturday at 21:57
np :)
sorry to let you die
ZYNAPSLast Saturday at 21:58
He clearly stated he let me die. if you dont believe me i can send you screenshots via phone. I solved the issue with the person i tked, i dont understand why im still banned. Im not a regular tker, otherwise i wouldnt have directly gone to the guy and tried making peace.
What he says is true, however, I did not notice that it was him and not the opposing team that was cqc

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