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MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:33 am

MGO2 for Official Firmware is now live!
If you are not aware, this means anyone with a regular PS3 is able to play once again.
Tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=22&p=4423#p4423

For once, opening the server to a bunch of people actually worked.
We hit about 520 people on at the same time. Server didn't even break a sweat.

There are still a few bugs that need to be worked out. Please be patient as we work to fix these.


Here is the stream if anyone is interested.

Be sure to Subscribe to us on, and follow us on!
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Re: MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:36 am

Thanks Nostalgous for this.
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Re: MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:13 am

Thank you ghz and the team. Good fuckin work
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Re: MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:14 am

Played a few rounds, and man was it crazy to walk around those maps again. Aim is horrible of course, since I haven't played a console shooter since...well MGO.

Curious, is a keyboard and mouse somehow compatible with this game?
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Re: MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:17 am

The fact that this game was so far delayed from the "original release date" mostly means to me that there was a lot a work that needed to be done. Ghz, regardless of all the negative feedback I've seen in the forums, I can only imagine what you went through to get this out. Thank you very much for giving all of us the opportunity to play MGO2! (Never have played MGO2 when it was officially out, hearing stories of my older friends who played MGO2 always made me feel left out. To some degree I still am, but not as much as before). Wherever you are in life, I hope all goes well for you and President Trump!
chronic snake
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Re: MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:26 am

first,thanks for your hard work,great to be playing again. ive noticed two issues, 1. i think i had a few kills register twice,2.every so often my game freezes up. could be on my end, just trying to help. thanks again :)
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Re: MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:30 am

I'm too lazy to get back on to check, so: Does the block list work?
I just had an encounter with two rather immature people, so that needs to work.
If not, it will probably not be worth to play it at all.
I was just too clearly reminded of the toxic bully mentality way too many had back on OG.
This guy was calling me a kid LOL and then I was kicked, and I was host.
I just want my fun on MGO2R. It won't even be my main game most likely.
I shouldn't have to be fine with trolls in my hosted games just because I'm a new OFW player.
Some of you retards need to understand that we OFW players aren't in any way "less" than you, just because you put time, money and effort on a broken and elitist game which most of us had moved on from (as it was before OWF update).

I'm not calling anyone specific from this forum out. Hell, most people I played with was nice and just trying to have fun it seemed.
But it's obvious these kind of elitist, toxic, immature, bully mentality players are in this game and if I can't be in denial of that through a BL, then this game I once moved on from will not be worth it. I'm saying that because I believe I'm speaking for others who also are casual and just want their fun without people who call them out and kick them for doing exactly what's really the one Right thing to do on a game; To have fun.
You hardcores have got it wrong. You use and abuse a game which was designed to simply be fun.
You turn it into something else from your elitist mentality.
And you also abuse other players.
You do so because you are so tiny. You're probably unemployed, working a job you're not happy with or something, so you take it out by trolling on games. You're the lowest kind of people there is.
I know what I'm talking about because I've been there myself.
I quickly moved on from that though, because I'm an intelligent and strong person.
You're not.
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Danne Snee
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Re: MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:50 am

Unfortunately, I don't remember the name.
It was something rather random to me and they quickly shut down the room, so it's hard to remember.
And I'm not going to try since I might point out someone innocent instead.
I'll think about that next time. However, you gotta be quick to take a picture if you're kicked.
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Re: MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 5:07 am

Yeah i got the same crap. Just being kicked because im OFW. They were just joking around like it was no big thing. "Ohh OFW going to cry" "kick the OFW" bs..
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Re: MGO2 For OFW Is Live!

Fri Jul 28, 2017 5:23 am

A big thanks again for the time and effort that was put in by the team to get this working for the rest of us again. I host TDM lobbies a lot with a bit of other stuff thrown in for fun and no one ever gets kicked, a place of sanctuary u seek, a lobby of chill u must join.

The nostalgia is real
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