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Cant login for some reason

Sun Oct 24, 2021 11:23 pm

HI, first time poster here.
so the story goes like this, i saw this tutorial that allows you to download mgo2pc on ps3, and so i did (using hen).
Then i remembered that i should probably try to login in here to try to remember my account that i made just before the servers were finally up. Ended up not reseting my ps3 at the time cuz there was to much important stuff in it.
anyways, went through the process of re activating my account and after a good 6 to 7 hours of the launcher downloading the japanese mgo2, i started up the game and, as soon as i tried to put in the credentials, no matter which way, it tries to log in then it gives me 2 error messages ( in japanese, of course).

anyways, i hope i can find the answers here, because im dying to play this game again as i was there when its original servers shut down.

thanks for allowing me the time and space to bring my doubts here.

ninja edit: as i tried to post this, it said my username was already in use...

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