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Crazy Potato
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Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:17 am

New Recruit to the forums? Post here and tell us about yourself.

I'll start off, I'm Crazy Potato others call me just Crazy. I'm a Web & Graphic Designer and in my pasttime I mess with games for the fun of it.

I love the Metal Gear series and MGO1 got me my online persona's name as when I connected online at the time I needed a username so I decided to use XxCRAZYPOTATOxX as recommend by a friend since I enjoy eating potato related products :) and I had a blast back then, My username stuck with me since!
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Re: Introductions

Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:56 am

Hi! im FooXz! i know the work you guys have been doing, so first things first, CONGRATULATIONS! thanks for bringing back mgo1 and 2. On to my presentation. Im 23 y.o, I live in Brazil, São Paulo, but i used to live in Europe (Spain) at the time i was playing mgo1 and mgo2. Im a big fan of the mgs series, and especially of mgo. I consider myself a veteran on this franchise :p.

Well, right now im kinda bored of playing MGO3 since theres hasnt been any update in ages. Atm im trying to install mgo1 in my laptop, to see if it runs but i havent got lucky yet... im trying to bring my brazilian friends along with me, we are like 15 people wanting to play mgo1 lol. Also, If anyone wants to add me my PSN is FooXz. See ya around!

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