Hackers on pc? How too spot them?

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Hackers on pc? How too spot them?

Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:23 am

So ive been playing mgo3 on and off for perhaps 3 years now, and the issue i encounter most of the time playing the game is due too latency. The outplay capabilities are severley diminished because people get too shoot you when you think you escaped too cover etc.

So on to the main question i had for today. How severe is hacking in the mgo3 scene, i had a guy go 53+ today as a sniper and sure i gave proabobly a good portion too him trying to snipe fight him. we where like 5v5 or something close too that. might just be me being a sore looser and feeling that the few times i fail a snipe fight sticks whit me longer than the times i win (some kind of pychological conundrum ive heard of).

maybe he was just good at manouvering, but he has less time in mgom, i have around 97 hours, he had 75.

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