PS3 BIG PROBLEM - Firmware "0.00"

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PS3 BIG PROBLEM - Firmware "0.00"

Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:47 pm

Hi guys, I need a lot of help
I'm on last Rebug, last everything, everything updated to latest version.*
I was erasing a game from my console, but the power went off while I was erasing it. Once the console was turned on again, the game was uninstalled but the space was still occupied! I tried reinstalling MultiMan, Rebug Toolbox, but nothing to do. So, through some posts on internet I discovered that the thing to do was "Rebuild database". But in doing so nothing has changed. Then I also tried "Repair File System", and here something has changed. Because now if I go into the system storage space in the XMB menu the PS3 tells me how much space I have, and it's correct. But if I go on Multiman or Rebug Toolbox gives me a very bad error: free space remaining in the HDD 0KB, and Firmware: 0.00 (while it should be 4.82). Now, if I try to transfer a game on the PS3 it brings me everything normally, but if I start a game that requires an installation of the data it tells me that I have no space at all. Please help me, and tell me I do not need to format everything ...

And tell me if "Full format" will remove all these problems or not... Please...

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