Help update 2.00 SOLVED

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Help update 2.00 SOLVED

Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:52 am

Hi , well lets dive in this real quick.
I did the setup like 4 time and it is not working im sure my ps3 is fine my disc is clean and im sure it is the right version which is north america i downloaded it torrent from the site and when i start the game is ask me for 2.00 update so i cancel it and then i install the game.
After the install i go to mgo then it ask me to sign in after i sign in it says you have to update to 2.00 then it sign out and quits from mgo (not to mgs4 main menu)
Is there a problem??? My usb is FAT32

The problem was from the same flash i used when i finish restoring it asks me to format.
But when i used another flash ( it was not flash it was micro sd) it worked fine without formating after the restore.
You must check from game data utility after the restore. There must be a file with default icon

Thanks GHz

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