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Better Online Gameplay

Thu Mar 18, 2021 7:53 am

I've come here to discuss something very important and useful technique about using an old tool though it was never really discussed in a certain way for gameplay not download and anywhere I researched online was never talked about as far as I searched. I've been using this technique for a few years now and I would have to say it's very effective and is not detrimental towards other players because it 's just a better internet setup, I don't really call this hacking because it's not and it has worked for me and it should work for you as well. It is an easy setup and it just requires you to connect your ps3 and your pc or laptop together in Ethernet cable wise, I don't really know about Wi-Fi because it requires a different program to make it work and I didn't try it yet. The way I setup my internet to play MGO2R is using my New Dandy PC build to connect through the severs instead of my ps3 slim connecting alone which in fact I think has crap internet card. You would use the ps3's internet settings and use proxy server settings to connect to your pc, while the pc has that program running. I've tested this with my old PHAT PS3 and did see better download and upload speeds without having to use DNS. Now you have to have the computer running and not have it go to sleep mode because the program will stop and you'll have really bad lag.

The first step is to download and install NET Framework 1.1, this is not harmful to your computer if you revert back to 1.1 version, what net framework is is basically like a hidden windows program that takes care of better programming or coding for anything you want to run efficiently like an accountant in your computer whenever is required so if you want to run anything in your computer but are missing like a DLL. file or something just download the latest net framework and it should be fixed easy. In order to run the program I'm about to tell you that runs and connects to your ps3, you have to use NET Framework 1.1 version to run this program or else it won't run or open. ... aspx?id=26 : this is the 1.1 version : this is the latest version

Ok these files are not dangerous, just go to discord link (amperez's server) and read for further steps. If you download it and the browser's bottom task bar says it's dangerous which is not, just click on the carrot options and click keep. ... 4571758602

This is how it should look like for an example, check mark the ps3 box and hit run, so it should say "stop" meaning its running, the bar's input is where I put my computer's ip4 address, to look for your computer's address, just type in "cmd" in your task bar, "command prompt," then with no spaces type "ipconfig" and there should say your ipv4 address. Now your computer should have no other DNS or custom IP, just set it to auto. The ps3 should have everything auto except ps3 proxy server, leave 8080 for port default, but on the IP address type in your computer's ip4 address and save setting and it should connect fast.
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Now I have a router connected with a CAT5e that runs to a power line adapter outlet and is connected to another power line adapter outlet from my room to my Ethernet switch. I use the Ethernet switch to have my pc and ps3 connected to each other like a half duplex. You can have the router connected to your pc and have the router also connected to your ps3 which is best results like full duplex. I hope you get it to work and is something I use if my internet is not stable. Thank You.

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