MGO2R 1.34 Server Guide Setup (English) (OUTDATED!)

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MGO2R 1.34 Server Guide Setup (English) (OUTDATED!)

Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:15 am

MGO2R 1.34 Server Setup Guide - Beginner/Noob Friendly
(Original Tutorial)

Opening Notes:
- NEW Video Tutorial Link: (English)
- Tutorial created by president trump
- My Skype, if you need help: tonybarzini
- This detailed guide will show you how to setup and play on the v1.34 MGO2R server
- You must already have Custom Firmware 4.66, 4.70 (or higher) installed on your PS3. (experience recommended)
- You must have a USB stick at least 2GB in size.
- The MGO2R Launcher is required to connect to the 1.34 MGO2R server.
- You follow this tutorial at your own risk, I'm not liable if you attempt this and fail.

PC Steps

1) Download MGO2R Launcher and 1.34 Update Package

All Downloads:

Copy and paste the MGO2R Launcher and 1.34 Patch Package to the root of your USB stick.



2) Insert USB stick into PS3. (Make sure your USB stick is formatted to Fat32 with default allocation settings.)

PS3 Steps

1) Set Your DNS Settings (if applicable)

Go to Settings - Network Settings - Internet Connection Settings

Select Custom - Wired/Wireless Connection (whichever applies) - IP Address Setting: Manual -
  • IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Router:
    DNS: /
Replace x with your individual home network settings. (This can be found in Windows by opening the Command Prompt and typing "ipconfig" and hitting enter.)

Select MTU: Automatic - Proxy Server: Do Not Use - UPnP: Enable- Press the X button to save settings.

2) Install Package Files...

Go to Game - Install Package Files

Install the MGO2R_Launcher.pkg
Insert OR mount* your copy of MGS4/MGO
(You cannot use the Legacy Collection or the 25th Anniversary Edition versions of MGS4 unless you've followed my tutorial to patch it for MGO already)
Start the MGO2R Launcher
(Once started, the copying process will take about 15 minutes)
When the copying is complete, press X to continue on and allow the MGO2R Launcher to create the 1.00 game data.
Once the game data is created, exit the game and return to the XMB menu.

Install the MGO2R_1.34_Patch.pkg
(Once started, the copying process will take about 15 minutes)
Start the MGO2R Launcher

When using the MGO2R Launcher...

You are allowed to reclaim one account or create a new account entirely. Unclaimed accounts will be deleted. If you wish to reclaim your account you must simply enter your accounts login details.

If you want to create a new account:

Game ID must be at least 8 characters, alpha-numeric only.
Password must be at least 4 characters, alpha-numeric only.
Write down your login details!

Start the MGO2R Launcher and enjoy the Metal Gear Online Revival Server v1.34.

Final Notes:
- You are allowed only one account per person.
- You will need approximately 4GB of free HDD space.
- The MGO2R Launcher is required to connect to the 1.34 MGO2R server. All other set-up tutorials are now obsolete.
- Every time the MGO2R Launcher is used it disables some CFW functionality (such as BD Emulation). To re-enable this, you must restart your PS3, start Multiman and scroll down to the bottom of the settings so you can change BD Emulation from "None" to "Enable" and restart your PS3 again. Also, if you plan on doing any other CFW activities you should restart your PS3 after using the MGO2R Launcher.
- All information and content in this tutorial is subject to change during release.

[center]Have a nice day.[/center]
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