How can I get rid of my RP?! Advice needed!!!!

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How can I get rid of my RP?! Advice needed!!!!

Sun Oct 20, 2019 1:25 am

Hey guys

Hows it going? I am now living in Singapore and after six months, I am finally back on MGO however I am having RP issues on both EU and JP servers. Sometimes when a round starts, I have a delay, the options screen is slow or unresponsive or my gameplay lags.

Here are a few details of how I am set up to play MGO:
- I am using a 10 year old PS3
-I am using a UK/EU version of MGS4 disc and UK/EU PS3
-I am using wireless but the signal strength is 100% and the router is right next to the PS3.

I understand some hosts have bad connection and that can cause me to have RP but now I seem to be the only player with RP in some games so I know something isn't right on my behalf - I just cant figure out what it is.

Are there any suggestions you guys can help me with?

Should I use an ethernet cable for a stronger connection? Is it my download/upload speeds?

Any help is greatly extremely appreciated!

As long as I can play on EU server with the people I have always played with since 2009, I will be happy. I am not so fussed about JP server because I dont know anyone there.


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