Ultimate Starter Guide to MGO2R

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Ultimate Starter Guide to MGO2R

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GHzGangster wrote:A Brief Introduction

SaveMGO was a community initially created to petition for the revival of the original Metal Gear Online, from MGS3.

It was quickly realized that a petition would not bring the game back, so we took matters into our own hands.
After a push from an individual (Zak/The_Fog), MrGame and GHzGangster were able to interact with, and craft our own server for the since 5 year old game.

Some games and time passed and Wtfareuthinking, Droogie, and GHz eventually started to work on Metal Gear Online 2, from MGS4.
While we experienced different issues, we were able to pull through and create our own private server for MGO2 as well.

Although development on MGO1 has slowed, development on MGO2 is rapid and ongoing.

In addition to reviving these two games, we did plan on preserving MGO3, but it sucks. - trump
If you would like to play MGO2, keep on reading!

Useful Terms/Notes For Noobs:

- OFW: "Official Firmware," firmware distributed on PS3 consoles by Sony.
- CFW: "Custom Firmware," firmware created by hackers by modifying Official Firmware.
"To Jailbreak" or "to install CFW," means to install custom firmware on your PS3, thus "jailbreaking" the console.
"MGO2R" stands for "Metal Gear Online 2 Revival," the Revival server has been public since 7/11/14.

Where To Start:

If you're interested in playing MGO2R you will require three things. Access to a computer, a USB stick, and most importantly, a Playstation 3 console. It was formerly required that the console be jailbroken, but no longer. But if you're still interested in obtaining a jailbroken console, there are three ways to go about it.
1) Downgrade/jailbreak your current PS3 console.
2) Pay someone else to downgrade your current PS3 console for you.
3) Purchase a PS3 console running version 3.55 (or older) or a PS3 already jailbroken.

You can check the PS3 system firmware by starting the PS3 and going to Settings -> System Settings -> System Information.

PS3 consoles that are 3.55 or older can be jailbroken immediately, and without downgrading.
PS3 consoles updated past 3.55 will need to be downgraded first (if possible).
PS3 consoles already jailbroken and running CFW can be used with MGO2R almost immediately, and without downgrading or jailbreaking.
Otherwise you will need to purchase another console.

If your PS3 is version OFW 3.56 - 4.81:
You must check what model your PS3 is and identify if it is a model which can be downgraded. To do this look for its CECH Number on the rear of the console:
Here is a list of PS3's which are compatible with downgrading. The "xx" represents anything that comes after the letter of your PS3 model:
Fat PS3s:

Slim PS3s:
CECH-25xx (Some can, some cannot. Can verify by datecode on label on the PS3).

Super Slim PS3s:

Cannot be downgraded/jailbroken.
If your PS3 is version OFW 3.55 (or older):
Follow my tutorial here to jailbreak your PS3:
How To Install CFW (jailbreak) Your 3.55 (or older) PS3
If your PS3 is jailbroken ("running CFW"):
Follow one of the MGO2R 1.36 tutorials here:
president trump wrote:Current MGO2 Revival Server Tutorials for 1.36 Multiplayer

MGO2R 1.36 CFW Tutorial (English) by GhzGangster

If your console needs to be downgraded:

Tutorials for downgrading your console yourself (experienced users only):

NOTICE: Downgrading your console yourself can result in permanent damage to your PS3 console if done improperly. Your PS3 could be left in a non-working state if you're not careful. Only downgrade your console yourself if you know you're capable.

Recommended Downgraders used by members of the SaveMGO community:


president trump wrote:WarrantedSearch, also known as Patrick, offers downgrading services for all downgradable PS3 models. He's located in Toledo, Ohio and typically ships via USPS. Once he receives your PS3 he will usually have it downgraded and shipped back out within 2-7 days. So if you're seeking a downgrade, Patrick comes highly recommended and is one of the preferred downgraders used by SaveMGO members in the past. You can contact him through Skype at "warrantedsearch".


NOR (slim) PS3 downgrade: $35

NAND (fat) PS3 downgrade: $65


Downgradable PS3 models:

Slim PS3 (NOR):


Fat PS3 (NAND):



NICE ONE wrote:hello there MGOers. i just want to share the guy that did my cfw ps3. i managed to get two ps3s slims for good cheap price and took em to him. he installs whatever you ask him to install. he is locally to me so i just took in my ps3 and charges $40 for local and does it in about 1hr-2hr. but mostly been 1hr. i have rogero 4.55 spoofed up or however he said due to new ofw that had come out and multiman. he is magneto327 on ebay, http://www.ebay.com/usr/magneto327 and also has a site http://ps3downgrade.net/ he has his cell number and address for you to ship the ps3. hes a good legit guy for those of you looking for someone to jailbreak your ps3. stays in california in south el monte.

It's possible local users of sites such as Craigslist offer downgrading services in your area.

If you're looking to purchase a MGO2R compatible console:

You need ANY PS3 console.
3.55 PS3 search on Ebay.com

PS3 consoles can be found on sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Kijiji, Craigslist. It's also possible local PS3 repair shops offer downgrading services or consoles for sale.

Positives of someone else downgrading your console:
- The person you send it to knows what they are doing.
- They will install whatever CFW you want them too if you ask (most likely).
- They will probably clean the inside of your PS3.
- Only thing you have to do is pay and post your PS3.

- Costs $30-$100 (where as if you do it yourself you can sell the hardware flasher afterwards for a discounted price.)
- You have to send your PS3 to someone you don't know (only recommended with good Ebay feedback).

Positives of doing it yourself:

- You can sell the hardware flasher after you've used it, so the process is basically free.
- You don't have to send it to a stranger (not really an issue as long as they have good Ebay feedback).
- Educational (lol).

- You have to learn how to do it if you don't already.
- Actually doing it takes time, patience and concentration.
- Acquiring a hardware flasher.
- You could break/brick your PS3 if you're not careful.

The easiest way to get online is by having a downgrader downgrade your PS3 or just by purchasing a 3.55 or jailbroken console. Or continue reading for normal PS3 consoles.

Where To Start: (Cont.)

If you currently own a Playstation 3 console, of any kind, you will also be able to play on the MGO2R server. Please take a look at the OFW tutorials here:

Contact information:
On Discord: http://discord.gg/Sy8MaW2


Works partly edited and partly used for this guide:

- A Brief Introduction by GhzGangster
- CFW & Downgrade Information Thread by AGMGO
- List of Tutorials by GhzGangster and president trump
- PS3 Downgrade Service - WarrantedSearch by president trump
- PS3 Downgrade Service - Magneto327 by NICE ONE

-Written, compiled, and edited by president trump-
I've resigned. I am no longer involved with SaveMGO.

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