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Who was the amateur with the bright idea

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:29 am
by president trump
To make levels shared so everyone remotely playing for levels always has to play4pro not 4fun and players can just create an alt and boost off of their friends and we have no idea who the boosters are. And not only that, but whose idea was it to disable the ability to level lock rooms so now the de-leveled friends can come and join RES and be the greatest fucking level 10s, like, ever? Really?

Re: Who was the amateur with the bright idea

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:11 am
by president trump
How many of the nearly 18000 members of this site are actual legitimate players? There's barely 100 NA/EU on each day.

What's the point of levels being shared if you can just make multiple accounts to have multiple levels? Surely there's reasoning beyond creating an inflated player count? The current state of this game isn't making much sense.

Furthermore, the lack of a level limit (at least in RES, a serious game mode), is infringing on my rights as a host to determine the players allowed to connect to me. It is also creating a "kicking problem" (see the other thread for the complaints) when these guys end up being forcibly removed. Is that considered toxicity? Is it required that players allow plebes to play and subsequently throw off the entire balance of the room? Are the mixes still kicking anybody below 14?

I've hosted/played RES nearly every day for the past two weeks and I've seen admins maybe, twice? I'm confused as to the point of promoting these new members to the team if they don't play. Is the administration even aware of these problems plaguing the community? What can the community expect to see done about the multiple accounts and the now necessitated kicking?

Lastly, why does the games.php page have to suck so much? What relevant skills do the new administrators possess? Can they not help? I know for a fact considerable code is commented out of the previous games.php page, why can't that be copy/pasted so the community can once again track exp and levels again?

The game does not need to suck this much.