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Lady Viper
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Casuals Room

Tue May 22, 2018 11:20 pm

I might as well post it here in terms on what's been up recently.

I usually host some TDM Casuals under the characters Lady Viper and Scarlet Viper. The room usually run the following settings:

Team Kill - Disabled
1 Minute Idle Kick (I encourage players to go Spectator mode or just leave the game)
Assigned Auto Team Disabled

I usually mix Classic and DLC Maps, especially Forest Firefight and Virtuous Vista.

Weapon Loadouts are Drebin Pointt enabled every two maps.

Just classic TDM rules.

I play from NA server with 61mbs download, 14.92 upload speeds. Settings on 256kbs

I play to win and just try to have fun. A lot of players come in with atrocious lag, 96kbs speeds, rapidfire shots, the works. On average, I chalk it to distance lag. So it is what it is.

Overall, I strive to output some positivity in my rooms and encourage everyone to come in and just have fun. I host between 10am EST and 12pm EST and usually shut down around 3pm EST unless otherwise noted.

If you have any requests or inquiries on this, feel free to comment below.

Stay blessed.


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