“Crunch Classic”, Clan Battles (RES)

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“Crunch Classic”, Clan Battles (RES)

Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:32 pm

Looking for clans to battle in a 7vs7 RES battle. 1st one https://youtu.be/g2N3c7EkS_4 already in the books. If you have 8 players all in the same squad and you like to play RES then contact me and we’ll chat.

- 7vs7 with one on the bench.
Just in case someone DC’s, rage quits, doesn’t want to lose level, needs a break or etc etc.
- All maps
- 4 rounds, 4mns
- No eLocs
- AA off

Battles will be streamed at YT = CptCrunchMGO
Contact info for terms and negotiating Battles:

Discord = CptCrunchMGO#2162
PSN = CrunchGaming-
Twitter = CptCrunchMGO
YouTube = CptCrunchMGO
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Re: “Crunch Classic”, Clan Battles (RES)

Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:18 am

Hey, I'm Crimson Flower and I run a clan called Black Ops with KUWABARA (and I've played in your hosts a lot)

We would be interested in a clan war with you, I'll contact you via psn soon, hopefully.

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