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Re: Hosts with rules!

Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:29 am

Junkhead_ wrote:
Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:20 am
SuperSaiyanGAKO wrote:
Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:27 pm
KidBilly wrote:
Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:46 pm
I haven't played MGO in a few months. I might have lost interest, which is extremely sad.

I'll never forget the last time I played. I think early in early October.

In a TDM, I got kicked because I had a really good kill streak of 5-7 headshots within a minute. Someone screamed "96k!", then I got booted out.

After that, I joined a TSNE. Was never much of a fan of TSNE, but it's still fun. I wanted to experiment with QR3 because I'd never used it much. I was having so much fun waking my team up. Then I got kicked for using QR3!!!!

I was so sad that I had my favorite game so close, yet so far away. I could play MGO, but no one was letting me play the way I wanted. I just quit.
Stuff like that, level restrictions, and lack of diverse rooms is what is unfortunately going to kill the game again. Player numbers have already seemed to have taken a dip. Too many TSNE and RES rooms with a bunch of restrictions. The good rooms are usually dead or level locked. Finding a good 99 ticket TDM with DP, uniques, and no restrictions is rare.
Not only is that stuff killing the game, but so is most of the community of the shit talking, try hards. Who don't know how to shut the fuck up in the chatbox during game. They are the REAL kids. They are the ones who have driven most people away, and caused the reputation of this game to be worse than before.

I used to host a decent TDM lobby, with all the variety. I'd even take requests from people, back when I cared enough and had time to host. I'm not going to host a lobby like that just so players I don't want to play with, can join and disrespect me constantly.

There is no variety, it's always the same maps, someone always wants to kick someone from the game or harass them in some way. There are good rooms in the JP lobby once in a while, but you have to wait until 3AM PST to find them. I almost entirely try to avoid the regulars or the NA playerbase.

JP players typically let you play however you want (like you should be able to.) and they only kick you if you have a red ping, or are clearly cheating / talking shit.
Even if you get to within level restrictions and join mix-variety rooms, you still get kicked because they're reserved. And in rooms where people are 2-4 levels lower than you, they try to kick you too and start harassing you. I joined in mid-December and the player base has been toxic af.
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Re: Hosts with rules!

Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:16 pm

GHzGangster wrote:
Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:02 pm
Honestly, with all options is how the game is meant to be played.
Defending the target is the objective of the mode, not killing the enemy team.

The whole idea of banning rushing (which most people confuse with "goaling") is absurd to me, it's just an excuse to not have to defend the target.
This is a game of rock, paper, scissors... you adapt to the enemy team and come up with a way to beat them.
It's more interesting when all options are on the table... will the other team rush this round, will they split up or group together, is someone going to be around this corner?

Most of the time, when I see these rules, I can tell straight away that it's to give the host an advantage in terms of their playstyle:
No rush (I don't defend), no CQC EX (I always try to scan), no QR3 (I can't kill the guy with it), no grenades (I love to camp).

For whatever reason, it's only these modes that people add all these arbitrary rules to -- maybe it's because they aren't as linear as other modes.
I truly believe that being able to counter all these options and playstyles makes you a more versatile, and overall better player. Otherwise, it's the same shit every day...
Amen brother, preach it.

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