My Official Resignation

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My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:48 am


Consequently, I am writing this after the conclusion of a discussion I’ve with GhzGangster and a few of our mutual friends.

Our discussion concerned the recent banning and subsequent unbanning of the glitcher “Hideo Fox”. GhzGangster has overruled me on this and has now allowed this glitching piece of shit to continue to participate in the Revival. For this decision Ghz has cited reasons such as, “he has been on the server for three years”, and “he didn’t even kill anyone”. Ghz is well aware Hideo Fox was in fact glitching—or trying to glitch—and Ghz is also well aware Hideo Fox did indeed subvert our authority on the matter, and continued playing despite the ban. These are our single two most important rules we enforce. Though, according to Ghz, apparently the “account restrictions” are not currently in place, relieving Hideo Fox of all offenses, apparently.

This is an absolute, and outright dereliction of duty. This is nothing short of a failure to administer justice, and a further failure in the maintenance of authority and administrative integrity. A betrayal to all participants of the Revival.

Ghz and I have religiously dedicated our time the past three years of SaveMGO’s journey, but the culmination of this work has given birth to circumstances of which I refuse to be associated with. My involvement with MGO2R up to this point has been a positive experience, but no longer.
In addition to the administration’s corruption and bias clearly being exercised, Ghz has also blindsided me with the knowledge that he will be ceasing his association with SaveMGO and will be ceding server control, as well as apparently SaveMGO social media to questionable members of the community. These are members whom have no administration experience, no community management experience, and nominal coding experience, to say the least. While specific details are sketchy, it’s my understanding he doesn’t give a fuck anymore and he is giving SaveMGO control to MGO2/MGO3 DDOS’ers and glitchers. He does not care how unjust this decision is, or how chaotic and detrimental their actions have been to the MGO community in the past.
Ghz has also dictated to me that for me to continue further involvement with SaveMGO’s management it will be necessary for me to cooperate with these random, unsavory criminals. Of course, despite me having seniority in this project, third only to Ghz and MrGame, I am now apparently the “rogue” administrator in the team of staff Ghz formed as recent as, last night.

Therefore, it is with sad, but thorough consideration, that I will be ceding all further involvement with SaveMGO, in totality. This also includes playing the game. Now while I’m sure the glitchers I’ve now insulted above will reply mockingly, and the petty players that have retained their personal hatred for me since old MGO will say “good riddance”, and Jayveer is waiting on the bleachers to make negative comments regarding my involvement; SaveMGO will of course be greatly affected without Ghz or myself.

Personally, I did not spend the hours I did providing tech support to hundreds of players, writing, recording, editing and uploading tutorials, creating promotional content, R&D testing, writing website code, administrating the database, managing the community, and playing the damn game only to get fucked over. The other administrators (or as Jayveer likes to call them, “real developers”), flaked out within the first year of SaveMGO’s opening.
These “developers” have not been involved with the project whatsoever in almost three years. Jayveer for example prefers to make disparaging comments behind my back, and belittle my time investment and my involvement on the basis “anyone” could do what I did for SaveMGO. If that’s true, then I ask why didn’t he? I’ve easily surpassed him in sheer hours of involvement.

Since I’m being honest, lets talk about how it’s because of his own selfishness and greed for knowledge that we do not have custom gear yet. If he would have confided in others, or at least backed up the relevant data, he wouldn’t have had to quit. Though Ghz has stated in the past he did not contribute much at all to the project, Jay could have at least continued to help us out with his knowledge when we asked him too. But no, through his own saltiness he prefers Ghz to have to spend more of time to figure out what Jay already did. Whatever, that’s on him. But what’s immensely inappropriate is considering I’ve never been in a position to speak to him that he has formulated a decisive opinion of me. Of course he would lack the backbone and decency to express this to me directly, speaking many more volumes of him as a person than his conclusion of me does. But I digress.

Although Ghz and I immensely disagree on this situation, we will remain friends and I hope we can work together in the future, albeit on different projects.
As far as the future of SaveMGO goes, who knows. Ghz was the most unbiased, non-partisan, and honest admin of MGO2R. As I’ve commented in private, because he was an outsider and became involved in SaveMGO without old friends or enemies from the days of past, it made him the perfect man for the job. I had my doubts in a player run Metal Gear Online, until I met Ghz. In the time that I’ve known him I’ve seen him accomplish amazing tasks. Things that were one day impossible became possible with him. Although he is only a few years younger than myself, I know he has a bright future ahead of him in whatever fields of the computer and programming industry he chooses. The man is a machine.

In conclusion, I do now regret “wasting” as much time as I did. This ending is far from what I had hoped it would be. Three years of involvement, all for naught. Thanks, I guess. As the deplorable players are now given control, SaveMGO will bear witness to a new regime. The new regime will not adhere to the strict, honest standards practiced by Trump and Ghz. I fear for all players still playing, and I greatly question this decision Ghz has made. An abusive administration leaves little room for fun, and unfortunately I can no longer recommend players join. Though I do recommend our community manager Meepy be promoted to my administrative position, and STONE be promoted to some level of the moderation team. Both players have shown similar dedication and commitment to a greater MGO2R community. I love those guys, and this game, but this decision, everything about it, is wrong.

Thank you to all the players who’ve made this journey with me and inspired me to this project; it’s you that made this worthwhile. Thank you MrGame for paying for all this bullshit, and thank you Ghz for making this possible. And lastly, thank you to all the friends I’ve made and the friends that have played with me on this Revival.

P.S, if you're an OFW refugee not yet on the Revival, don't worry. Ghz will complete OFW, levels, and clans before he quits. So there will of course be no real changes to the pending release, which I'm sure is all you care about.
I've resigned. I am no longer involved with SaveMGO.
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Re: My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:35 am

It's really simple, don't glitch. If you glitch you get permanently banned. It's literally common sense. It's 2017 go mod on gta or something. Otherwise grow up and play with nothing but your skill. How is it even a debate?
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Re: My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:36 am

I hope this community doesn't fall apart, I've waited far too long to be a part of all this
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Re: My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:44 am

It's good to know the community and cheaters are fucked and i haven't even picked up a fucking controller yet. All because some pussys don't want to enforce the fucking RULES! It's like europe accepting all the rufugees only to get terroist attacked after their "MORALE DECENCY". This is so fucking dumb. If you cheat/glitch you should be banned on the spot. What happened to having balls? But hey at least we have vote to kick. . .
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Re: My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:47 am

the game is fine calm down fam.
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Re: My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:02 am

Yah its probably just a few people. Im just paranoid lol. Can't wait
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Re: My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:07 am

Thank you for your implication. The best for you in the future !
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Re: My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:23 am

So u quit now just when we get OFW and give it to glitchers who will ruin the servers? Wtf xDd

Servers shud be given to me and not to some retard who will ruin it. Im the biggest no life of mgo. Id pay someone to guard the servers inb4 some terrorist tries to bomb it. I'd protect mgo the best. U ve gotten this far just dont ruin it
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Re: My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:57 am

calm down its a video game
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Re: My Official Resignation

Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:53 pm

Solid007 wrote:
Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:31 am
Servers shud be given to me and not to some retard who will ruin it. Im the biggest no life of mgo. Id pay someone to guard the servers inb4 some terrorist tries to bomb it. I'd protect mgo the best. U ve gotten this far just dont ruin it
LOL m8 ! So true ;)

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