Welcome Back to MGO2R Highlights and Teaser.....

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Welcome Back to MGO2R Highlights and Teaser.....

Sun May 28, 2017 1:13 am

So im putting together a lil highlight clip of everyone from (CFW) MGO2R before launch on the 12th, so im inviting to whoever wants to be in it please feel free to do so, you can message me on Discord or Youtube. Ill be on most of the day on Monday & Tuesday hosting dedicated so I can film you guys. Rooms will be Mix and later on change to TSNE & RES. Im trying to do a "Full Metal Jacket" barrack theme so I need to see if I can get Storm & GHZ as well sometime for a few minutes. Let me know guys

YT = CptCrunchMGO
Discord = CptCrunchMGO#2162

PS = Any idaes for the vid are welcome, im not the best editor, still learning

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