MGO2R soon to end.

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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby YourBoyyKayyVee Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:07 am

Fascinating how the internet works I love this m8 trump is an idiot lol
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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby GHzGangster Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:12 am

You guys are really sad.
Cause downtime and it won't be long until you won't be able to.
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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby Gen-Snake Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:45 am

makin threads like this prooves they do care more then they say lol. sad children enjoy ban, blaming me when KV did it to himself.
i like turtles....
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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby SNAAAKE Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:33 am

very kiNg drama

like old times..except there was gp and tourney hats on the line before. now there is....nothing.
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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby Sexy.Foxy Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:34 pm

ur a poor guy lol really ddos ppl n cry after baned ? what a kid
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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby EagleScope Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:29 pm

It's 2017. Everyone went through all the trouble of getting MGO2 back, and you dildos are DDoS'ing again? I don't understand, if you don't want to play, don't play? If you want to play, play. Stop with the petty drama. You ddosing because someone else got banned? tf? lol
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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby AMYROSEMGO2 Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:58 pm

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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby Roxies_ Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:01 pm

Can we all just agree that kiera needs to be shot in the fucking face?
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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby Solid007 Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:09 pm

LMFAO, gafl
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Re: MGO2R soon to end.

Postby kaka Tue Feb 14, 2017 3:31 am

Old Noob been ddos me couple of days now. I don't even know why. I Hardly played with him, he was on my team when he ddos me. Doesn't even make sense. Guy has problem.

Gonna start looking into ddos tracing shit now...

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