Admins need to be more strict on the Toxicity on MGO2R?

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Admins need to be more strict on the Toxicity on MGO2R?

Mon Mar 15, 2021 8:02 am

I currently go by the name of LostWoods, im sure many of you are aware of my name in the community. I have been in the MGO2R community for a duration of almost 3 years, and i can honestly say its been a blast. I have met some incredible people, and im glad this game is still going. I pray for the longevity of MGO, since its always been a huge part of my gaming life. I remember playing it from the age of only 9 years back in 2008 and it was one of my first ever online games. At the age of 20 playing mgo at this moment of time is honestly a blessing and thats why id like to give omegle xender a huge thank you for the effort, hardwork and love the SAVEMGO staff have put into bringing Mgo1, and mgo2 too back. Recently, the community hasnt been the best for not only me but for new players. Now i know this is MGO and toxicty is kind of invevitible, but im hoping admins can infringe rules that are a little less lenient on this. Its pretty upsetting to have to deal with the shit people bring to some rooms, which only adds stress to our real lifes. Personally i engage in games that make me zone out and create an escape from the outside world. It sometimes makes me wonder why with such very few of us, people continue to bring negative energy. This is a huge reason why i simply dont engage in other online games because the population is on a much larger scale and its almost impossible to control it, MGO2R however, is not. Sadly, Issues like these seem to arise in mainly the KNIFE, and TSNE rooms. Now its not fair to ignore the rules for knife rooms because knife should be respected in the same manor as a TSNE room, MIX or Rescue room. The issue im having is, that its the same shitty people bringing this community down and its frustrating because i feel like i dont want participate in any rooms that they are in. Now i know people will argue to host my own room, but again its still an issue because people will alt, no matter how many times you block them. I've decided to take a break from MGO2 for the time being, and i hope someone gives a shit and reads this message. Im just really frustrated lately with the energy people are bringing to the various rooms that are being hosted. all i ask is admins to mention it more frequently in public server messages, maybe empahize more on this issue in the MGO related discords because i feel like its not given much importance. I think as a community we should treat each other with nothing but respect and if this continues to be problem i simply wont ever play again. Again, people will argue this is MGO2 people will always be toxic, yeah im not saying people cant be toxic, but when its the same people doing the same shit different day it gets really exhausting and tiring and these people need some sort of punishment. Now, ive been banned for racist remarks and for various other chat issues, and i feel like this rule should apply to everyone. Its also stated in the SAVEMGO rules and its also a bannable offence. I just wish people realised that community is running only for the PURPOSE of enjoyment. People dont realise that they are killing peoples enjoyment without even realising it. Now im not going to argue that im some sort of saint but again i know when to stop and i do bring postive energy 90% of the time that i do play mgo2. I just wish people would realise that its 2020, and this game isnt as competitive as it used to be. I just wish people can play it for fun and not play it to piss others off. Because i feel like thats some peoples intentions.
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Re: Admins need to be more strict on the Toxicity on MGO2R?

Wed Mar 17, 2021 2:55 am

Well i been in knife rooms and i have fun but lately i have to leave because of the toxic behavior in the room. I play as THE UNABOMBER AND Spencer James mainly in the knife rooms and there is a issue i run with the host of the room named Sensei and some EU player name Old_*something*_*something* about how i ask a simple question joking around why people are always after me and they replied some nonsense about killing them awhile they are typing but it's a knife room. if you gonna try type try to go somewhere far or at least be in a box. I was killed many times while standing still in the same room typing but yet i didn't cry about it. This character Sensei was mainly saying this and also as well as that people don't like me which nobody have to like very body but he was using that as a insult sadly. Than the other player claimed the only reason i was able to kill him was because i was a NA player which i find funny because the laggy players are mostly EU and the famous "KSAs". I suck at knifing and in the same room he killed me probably over 20 times and maybe i kill him like what 3 times and he cries about the three deaths LOL? like give me a break, They than tried to kik a few players and than i just left because this is what killing a already dead game. Is really hard to catch this activity unless you are watching it but if you just drop by once a week to a knife/tsne room than you will see what i am saying.
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Re: Admins need to be more strict on the Toxicity on MGO2R?

Sun Mar 21, 2021 9:30 pm

Admins don’t care the game was revived then destroyed again im surprised people still play my nostalgia wore off so I don’t even attempt to play anymore
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Re: Admins need to be more strict on the Toxicity on MGO2R?

Sun Mar 28, 2021 9:50 pm

I feel guilty for tk Kalcyon now. It's just my way of saying a quick hello every 6 months.

I dun a kel.

I wish everyone well and have faith in our community.

I think Losty makes some good points 👆. Can't believe someone of colour is being banned for racist remarks either.

Farts to you all my fart bros
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