Can I play?

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Can I play?

Tue Jan 26, 2021 7:42 pm

I'm planning to play some MGO tonight and I'd appreciate if you guys would let me play. I haven't played this game, for a number of reasons, very much and I've been trying to play the last few night but it's not working out. Nearly every game I join is an instant kick due to my low starting level. Why do people care about their level in a game that hasn't been officially supported for ten years plus with a non-existant competitive scene? Nobody is going to let you in their survival team if you get to level 17.

It makes sense that there aren't many players since you've made it so impossible for someone new to join in. You're ruining it for yourselves. Let me play and you can pad your precious stats by beating me. I don't mind.

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Re: Can I play?

Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:35 am

I understand where you coming from, I am really a level 14 that can get the 15 at times but tonight i had a really bad night that usually happens if i play to long. You might have a better chance playing on friday and saturday more players are on the server and most likely to find a noob or noob friendly room. Also you can check what games are on the server tho the grid and can check it on your phone without being on your ps3. Wish i had more better things to tell you but i do agree some of the cocky high and even low levels players are killing the game with their big mouths and actions and in the end will affect the growth of the game. Also a major tip is to look at the icons on the room, if you see a serious/angry face don't even bother joining but anything else you should be good

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