MGO2R General Info & Help thread

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MGO2R General Info & Help thread

Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:24 am

Hello everyone,,
I decided to make a thread inviting newcomers and veterans alike to discuss their opinions or get more info on MGO2R based on my firsthand experience with the game so far.pcpartpicker

I am well aware that MGO2 is taboo on this.

Well, it shouldn't be. It was a fantastic game, and my personal favorite Metal Gear experience. And to be blunt, this is not an MGO3 exclusive subreddit reddit

It was such a great game that players revived it on their own time and money despite Konami shutting down MGO2 servers to make way for MGSV/MGO3.

I am not affiliated with the team or people who brought the game back - in fact, I don't know much about them. They created "," a forum detailing how to get on the new MGO2 servers, dubbed MGO2 Revival.

I recently got MGO2R, and the process was very tedious for me considering the savemgo website has been getting redone, creating lots of broken links from the archived forums. To add extra difficulty, I had never touched or seen a modded PS3 in action before making the jump back into MGO2.
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However, after installing the game after lots of trial and error, I am confident I can be of help to anyone trying to get the game installed for themselves.

MGO2R in its current state is amazing - it has all of the major components of MGO2 during its final days. It is currently on version 1.34, one of the final updates MGO2 saw in its official lifespan.

Any and all MGO2R players have access to all of the DLC for MGO2 for free, including codec packs. On top of that, each account is given 7 character slots to create different characters/aliases. Every character will have each cosmetic item and skill already unlocked, allowing anyone to dive in to the vast expanses of MGO2 at any time.

Almost all players on 2R right now have bare minimum 100 hours on the game (Just an estimate). To those who can remember, the game has an insanely high skill ceiling. Strafing and shooting will not work in your favor, among other bad habits Im sure many gamers have developed from other games - including MGO3. I am not exempt from the previous statement.

MGO2R was overwhelming when I first logged in. I believe my first game back I had only nabbed 4 kills, while stacking a solid 16 or 17 deaths. Lol.

Despite that, most players are cool and will utilize text chat. I remember being welcomed by almost the entire lobby after joining my first game on 2R. Players have recommended tactics, skill sets, and advice to me when asked. Some have even hosted lobbies just to help me have some live practice. That alone was an awesome experience that no other game has been able to deliver.

In the relatively short time I've played MGO2R since installing it, I have improved greatly through shaking off old habits and the help of fellow players. My most recent game (about 15 minutes ago), I went 11 and 4, 10 of my 11 kills were HS. It was not the greatest performance, but a huge difference compared to my first game of 4 and 17.

I have never logged onto MGO2R and had too few of online players to not have a full lobby to play with. The very least I have seen was a single 16 player lobby, while 20+ players were logged on. This was at almost 4AM Eastern timezone, and it was a battle to keep refreshing the list and join the game right after someone backed out.

Typically, I see ~40 players on, with 3 lobbies. It is not ideal, but it is enough to play consistently for however long I decide to stay on 2R.

No matter what region the host belongs to or where the players are from, the game has very little lag. Majority of the time, it is impossible to notice any sort of latency issue.

I guess you could call me an unofficial recruiter for MGO2R, haha.

The more players on the game, the better it is for everyone. I personally will help anyone who is interested in the game or wants to try and get better once registered on 2R.

The first step is having a modded PS3. You can DIY (I did not mod my PS3 myself, so I am not too familiar with this process), or buy a PS3 with custom firmware already installed.

The second step is quite simple. Visit, go to the MGO2 forums, download the 1.00 launcher and 1.34 update.

Step number 3 is as straightforward as the first two - install the 1.00 launcher, run it and extract the MGS4 files necessary for MGO2, then install the 1.34 update.

The final step is the best - Launch METAL GEAR ONLINE 2, register on 2R through the game itself, and log on to MGO2R for your first time!

If you have any questions about anything I didn't cover above, feel free to ask away in the comments and I will answer as soon as possible.


ask me anything about MGO2R and I will answer to the best of my abilities.

Thanks guys, I hope to SOP link with you all in the near future!
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Re: MGO2R General Info & Help thread

Sat Dec 14, 2019 2:39 am

Why make this post? The original post is pretty old...

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