Legend of Heroes Series

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Legend of Heroes Series

Postby Dio_Brando » Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:44 am

A series for people that enjoy old school JRPGs. It takes a bunch of different ideas from games like Grandia, Suikoden, and even Persona then refines them into something amazing. There are 7 games that take place over 3 different story arcs. With the latest arc wrapping up on a recently announced PS4 game. 3 of the 7 games have been translated and brought over from Japan. They all take place on the same continent in bordering countries and quite a few characters appear in and are talked about in every game.

Liberl Calamity

Trails in the Sky (PSP, PS3, PC) [NA/EU/JPN]
Trails in the Sky Second Chapter (PSP, PS3, PC) [NA/EU/JPN]

Self-Contained Story

Trails in the Sky The Third (PSP, PS3, PC) [JPN]

Crossbell Arc

Zero no Kiseki (PSP, PC, PS3) [JPN]
Ao no Kiskeki (PSP, PC, PS3) [JPN]

Erebonia Arc

Trails of Cold Steel (PS3/Vita) [NA/EU/JPN]
Trails of Cold Steel II (PS3/Vita) [NA/EU/JPN]
Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4/PS3?/Vita?) [JPN]

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