MGO3 Weapon/Class balance for and after the ver. 1.1 espec. for Scout class; MGO3 balance

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MGO3 Weapon/Class balance for and after the ver. 1.1 espec. for Scout class; MGO3 balance

Postby GuessWho? » Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:51 am

I wrote this already in other forums and im going to continue it.
Im not a english native speaker. Sorry about my grammar, but the content is important.
Before writing, to all those who will call me a "noob" etc. To them I see, just stay away from this topic, I mostly was among the 3 scores in most games of the mgo3 as a scouter. I have 140 gb video proof.

The topic name might confuse some people. I want to talk about the balance of the classes and weapons. Especially the scouter class. And im going to mention the ver. 1.10 patch which debalanced the whole classes.

As you already know, MGO3 is quite different than the last and first mgo and it was a disappointment for the most mgo2 veterans and despite the fact that I played mgo2 from the very beginning to the very ending, I still gave mgo3 a chance. I knew, that MGO3 was not as good as mgo2 was and MGO3 was rushed like most Games are today. Most peoople I talked to, said this too. And I literally loved mgo2 from the button of my heart. It was the best third person shooter ever made. Not like that shit like cod.

So where do I begin?
As you know, in MGO2 there weren't any classes, everyone could chose the weapon they liked in beginning if they had enough Drebin points. In MGO3 its quite different. Meaning, Scouters can only take Assasult rifles and Sniper rifles as primary weapons. Infiltrator can use assasult rifles, sub machine guns and shotguns and some little grenade launchers (non lethal) And Enforcers can use as. Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Machine guns and Rpgs.
So, Its obvious that every Class has their own weapons. Like only scouters can use sniper rifles and only infiltrators can use shotguns and only enforcer can use machine guns. Well, okay, its different. But the problem starts somewhere else.

Unbalanced aiming for Snipers/Scouters
As you know in MGO2 aiming in the 3. Person. AND in the 1. person had both sways. Means if you would aim in 3 or 1 per. it didint matter much because both had sways. And in MGO2 aiming with the 1d person would give you a disadvantage because you have less view and a you didint know what was going on in battlefield. So everyone who understood the game and was good in it used the 3. person. There was no good player in MGO2 who used 1. person ever in battle, maybe only with sniping sometimes in virtuious vista. So basically in terms of aiming - MGO2 weapons were hundred time more balanced than the classes/weapons in MGO3. You will ask why no. Okay, I will tell you.
In case you didint know or noticed yet. In MGO3 and in the single Player TPP Weapons when aiming in 3. person weapons do not sway! I repeat myself: Weapons in the 3. person when aiming do not sway. Only when you aim in 1. person weapons have sway. So, every sane player out there in MGO3 who use Any Assault rifle, machine guns, sub machine gun, handgun, shotgun, grenade launcher (all weapons except for sniper rifles) aim in the 3. person. Every one who is actively playing MGO3 and is NOT a noob in the game, aims in the 3. person.
Due to the fact, that only 1. person aiming has sways and Sniping is done only on 1. person aim Snipers or should we say scouts are at huge disadvantage. Sniping fine can only be done in 1 person. But with the sways the way they are it is nearly impossible to get a clear aim. And because of this - there are only a few snipers/Scouters out there who shoot for the head.

And I know, now people will say: If aiming fine is hard, then just use Sniper skill 3 and Lethal aim 1. (Or was it weapons 1) Well, yes you could use that but then you will just waste all of your skills for a nice or a decent aim. People using any other guns or just lets say the others classes infiltator and enforcer dont need to get any skills for a decent aim because they already have it from the beginning. So you will just have your 3 skills wasted for a decent aim while the other classes dont need to use any skills increasing their aim. They can take skills which gives them even more advantages while you can't because then your aim sucks as hell.
So, due to the fact, that 3 person aiming doesnt have sways while 1. person aiming has, Snipers/Scouters class who can only use 1. person aiming are at huge disadvantage. I even played the MGS4 Single player and watched some old mgo2 videos. In MGO2 all shooter person had sways. I can confirm on that.
I seriously think: Am I the only one who noticed that and thinks this is pretty much the most unfair thing that Konami could do. ?

And I even didint talked about the recoil issue. Assault rifles, sub machine guns and handguns and machine guns and any other weapons except for sniper rifles dont have much recoil when aiming in 3. person. The recoil is so less - sometimes you cant even notice it. Well, Sniper rifles are at disadvantage again. Because their recoil is so much much higher when you compare the recoils of snipers refiles and assault rfiles. Yes, I know. Sniper rifles do have much more recoil in all shooter games and also in reality, but the difference is just too much. Its ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

Well, Snipers in MGO3 have a shit aim, thanks to the stupid developers. But there was a way how to offset it.(I dont know if this word is right)
The last weapon for the Scouter Class was the Serval AMR7 Weapon. The weapon itself was heavy, aiming was even harder than with other Sniper rifles due to much sways and a really high recoil but therefore it had a much power. Infiltrators and some scouters could be one shotted but the aim was a pain in the ass. But you could use it to make a good match.
So what did those Konami "developers" made in order "to balance the game" (I have to laugh a lot about this)
They "nerfed" the weapon. They basically destroyed the weapon and made it unuseful in version 1.10. The sways now are incredible high, the recoil is even more incredible high and the damage was reduced when hitting Targets who are miles away from you. So, the weapon now is destroyed and pretty much useless. Because with the M200 you can aim 100 times better and it has less recoil and does almost the same damage. Infiltrators are one shot with the M200 sniper rifle and the serval weapon. So damage of the weapon is almost the same with the m2000 when hitting people miles away from you (I think m2000 does even more damage when hitting targets miles away from you) and M2000 has a better aim and less recoil than the serval weapon. Its pretty much useless. So why not completly taking of the weapon from game Konami? I did 1 turn with the m2000 and one with the serval, I was much better with the m2000 weapon. And before people name me as a serval f**. I sparsely used the Serval weapon, my most used gun in Sniping was the M2000 or the beginners Sniper weapon or a normal assault rifle.
With the serval weapon there was a way to compensate the bad aim because aim is not needed much when hitting the body of a enemy. And the developers even destroyed that. The recoil, the aim, the damage of the Serval weapon is just ridiculous. The total aim of the Sniper rifles are ridiculous. I now regret making 3 times ascension with my scouter and investing time into the game. Btw. I have video footage f the serval weapons aim before and after version 1.1 Just write serval sway in youtube and you will find it.

So in terms of aim, recoil etc. Snipers are at huge disadvantage because they rely/use the 1. person while the other classes rely on 3 person which doesnt have any sways at all. lol.

So what do I want know? Making 1. person shooting have no sways when aiming like for the 3. person in order to get a pro AIM? NO? I want it to be more balanced, there are 3 opportunities.
1. opportunity. Give the other weapons besides the snipers rifles sways when aiming in 3 person and give them more recoil.

2. opportunity. Decrease the sways and recoils of the Sniper rifles (I mean the beginner one and the M2000) and make the changes of the serval amr weapon on version 1.10 undone and make the Serval weapon like it was before the version 1.10.
(Thats the most fair oppurtunity)

3. opportunity. Give 1 person aim the same condition as 3 person aim. No sways, almost no recoil. )))
(Of course, this is not meant for real, its just a oppurtunity and I do NOT support this.

And now with the E.Locator being destroyed - the scouter class is totally fuc***
E.Loc. should have stayed as it is only for scouter class. With tactical 1 you have 5 grenades but only 3 e locators and e locators are alerady have been destroyed. Shame on Konami. Its not that e.locators are overpowered, grenades are just useless. They should increase the radius and damage of handgrenades. In MGO2 grenades were a lot more usefull than in MGO3. Also because of ragdoll effect.
Its so ridiculous people with a regular assault rifle can perfectly aim at you while you are miles away more faster and more accurate when you aim at him with a sniper rifle. Its so ridiculous. Sniping is totally useless in mgo3. I'll never ever touch a Konami game ever.

And to be clear, its not only the Serval Weapon im talking about. Im not a perm serval user. I switch from time to time from M200 to the beginner weapon and then to the serval amr weapon.
So if I want to be a oneshotter, I'll take the serval, If im about to aim for the head, I'll take the beginners Sniper rifle. For me important is, that theres always a other weapon which gives me ample scope and so I dont have the feeling, that it gets routine. But now with the serval weapon destroyed, we Scouters/Snipers only have two weapons left. For me it means, more routine, little scope, less opportunities = less fun. I mean, seriously 2 weapons for a sniping class? Konami messes around with its players.

Im so sick of greedy Konmai.
Well, I'm pretty sure, im not the only one thinking that way.
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Re: MGO3 Weapon/Class balance for and after the ver. 1.1 espec. for Scout class; MGO3 balance

Postby Switcheroo » Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:29 am

I completely agree.

I mentioned some similar points you've made in other posts of mine. It's ridiculous that the only way Konami can "balance" the weapons is by doing things like slower raise speeds, heavier weight, and more sway. With the 1.10 Update to MGO3 the Serval sniper rifle is slower than any bolt action in the game, while it's not even a bolt action rifle! If that wasn't bad enough, the reduced damage, slower raise speed and increased sway makes it absolutely worthless to use. Like every other weapon/item in MGO3 that Konami makes changes to, they've ruined the weapon completely. There is no balance to the buff/nerf cycle. The E. Locator changes have to be the worst. A shorter range and the delay for marking people makes it not even worth taking. The new update also reduced the Scouts sprint duration, as well as the effectiveness of the Intel+ skill.

The majority of my playtime on MGO3 is using the Scout. It's bad enough I can't play how I want to (choosing what skills I want to use each match and weapons I want to use for each life), but now the Scout isn't even playable. The only effective sniper rifle now is the MRS-71 with Sniper 1 and Lethal Aim 2, but it's still 3 shots to the body most of the time to kill people. It's absurd that the class now only has one effective weapon. And if that's not bad enough, the assault rifle can unload an entire clip with complete accuracy over nearly any distance. Whenever I'm sniping I more often than not gunned-down with a full clip of 30 bullets from half-way across the map by an AM MRS-4 user.

The new 1.10 update ruined the Scout, but gave a little more use to the Infiltrators since auto-aim no longer locks on to them when stealth is equipped and they're not marked. Along with the shotgun buff, plushie toy time increase, and adjustments to running and carry weight the infiltrator isn't as terrible as it was. Unfortunately the Enforcer is still extremely overpowered with the LMG and increased health. Perhaps worst of all is that Konami changed back the stupid Walker Gears so they're harder to destroy again.

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Re: MGO3 Weapon/Class balance for and after the ver. 1.1 espec. for Scout class; MGO3 balance

Postby GuessWho? » Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:43 pm

You dont know what a amazing feeling it is when people agree with my posts :)))
Yes, Konami or the developers should stop creating games and start to work on mcDonalds alongside Ubisoft.
Scouter is pretty much useless now. There wasnt even a single edit at version 1.10 that actually improved the class - Only somethin that damages them in a very negative way.
Im gonna list all for all those reading:

Destroying the Serval weapon by reducing its damage, increasing its sways and recoil
Reducing the damage of the m2000 sniper rifle which is bolt action.
Reducing the damage of renov stun sniper rifle which also is bolt action.
Reducing the radius of the e. Locator and now e.Locator wont mark a enemy in the radius instantly, it will take some seconds. (Useless now)
The Sprint of the Scouter was also decreased.
The Effectiveness of the Intel+ skill was also decreased.

What did I miss?
I lvled a lvl 40 Scouter with 3x ascension - all for nothing. But all legit, no boosting. I swear that I will boost my next character.

Btw. Enforcer as a class is not overpowered - the other classes are only underpowered right now. If the Scouters aim would be increased and the e.locator changes could be make undone and if infiltrator would get some extra positive things (I dont know exactly what, maybe stealth running which is not seen on screen or lvl 3 camo instantly camoflage, or complete camoflage like it was in mgo2 TSNE for a limited time.
I never played Infiltrator. I can't understand those who say that Camoflage/Stealth is unfair. I can clearly see a Person in so called stealth because of the outline. Am I really the only one who thinks that stealth is the most useless tool/perk in MGO3?

If you really want to own a game, just take an enforcer, dont bother the other classes, take a light machine gun with autoassist and lethal aim 2 and I bet with you that you will get a kill-death ratio of 2. Just spay because you bullets will always hit someone - thanks to autoassist.

And its not only the god damn huge sways of the Sniper weapons and that 3 third person aiming (aiming with a. rifles, shotguns any guns except snipers) who has a perfect aim without sways, which is unfair to Snipers. Every gun in 3 third person has auto assist which basically automatically aims for you - so you dont need even to have a decent aim besides the not existing sways - the system will automatically aim for you. Good luck trying to snipe in MGO3. Snipers are as useless as
traffic lights in GTA.
Btw. What was that with autoassist? Autoassist doesnt work for camoflaged dudes? Where did you get that from?

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