Anybody interested in custom game modes

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Anybody interested in custom game modes

Postby luna9999 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:34 pm

Before Metal Gear Online 2 shutdown back in 2012, on NA servers, we created a bunch of fun custom game modes, if you guys are interested, let me know.

Base Knife, It is basically knife only with Bases, we sometimes add magazines in the game, Sop Destab is not allowed unless the game has 5 bases on the map.

Zombies- Keep in mind these rules are different from the Eu Zombies. It is like infections from COD MW3 and Halo. Red team is Zombies, Blue team is Humans, We start off the match with Vamp, so all players will be on blue team. Red team can only use knife only,no guns allowed however they can also use smoke grenades for a little support, if they managed to successfully knife kill a human, he must switch to red team and he becomes a Zombie, this is where it gets interesting and fun, Knife kill as many humans and make them become Zombies will make the situation more difficult for the rest of the human team. Humans must try and survive until the round is over. The game is 1 round and it will last for 20 minutes. Once the Humans are all dead proceed to next map.

Vampire- must of the people on Eu servers that play Zombies will understand this rule, 1 Person will start off with Vamp while the rest of the players go to blue team. Try to survive the round without getting killed by Vamp, use your non lethal equipments to slow Vamp down, however killing or Knocking out Vamp is not allowed, unless you`re the last remaining survivor. do not take the Kerotan or Gacko and take the targets back to base or you will be kicked from the game.

Swat - another fun game mode the map required is MM, Red team is the terrorists and Blue Team is Swat. Red team must go inside the building and stay, they`re not allowed to leave the building, Blue Team must wait 1 minute before going inside the house and attack. The rules are simple, Red team must try to survive use whatever weapons you like but stay inside the house. Blue team can use whatever weapons they like.

My Main on MGO2 is Rebecca ChamberS. If you have any ideas for a custom game mode let me know, so we can have some fun.
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Re: Anybody interested in custom game modes

Postby MGSFlashHound » Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:38 pm

Also Prison was really popular also on the na server. I love swat but i haven't seen much it and the weirdest part is the japan players love that game lol. Is a great idea and maybe more people will be on to play.
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Re: Anybody interested in custom game modes

Postby Switcheroo » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:51 pm

I played 1v1 SWAT with my friend once. :)
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Re: Anybody interested in custom game modes

Postby xTKxEviL » Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:33 am

I don't mind playing the custom modes. I'd love to play them again even from NA was popular over here. Favorite is zombie to SWAT. My Name is .:Newb:.

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